How to Travel With Environmentally Friendly Toiletries

Last week I wrote about my concerns regarding what kind of harm we do as individuals when we travel. In the interest of bringing it back to the basics, I decided to examine what I take with me when I venture out yonder.

I started with my toiletries. As I looked into it, I realised a couple of things:

  • It wasn’t as hard to get ahold of environmentally-friendly items as I once believed.
  • This was also a great way of saving a heck-tonne of money.

Definitely seems like a win all round.

Can you go travelling with environmentally friendly toiletries? Let’s find out.


I never really thought about the impact on landfill that the four plastic toothbrushes I bought annually were causing. I invested in a pack of Bamboo Toothbrushes and I don’t think I’ll ever look back again. The toothbrushes last as long as conventional ones would and although they are biodegradable, the company that makes them has some creative ideas for recycling.



I had eschewed brands such as Colgate eons ago and for a long time, bought a beautifully flavoured Anise Toothpaste from Miessence. Recently, I decided to go full hippy and make my own. The three crucial ingredients are bicarb soda, coconut and peppermint oils respectively – that’s it! See a detailed recipe here.

Face Wipes

I don’t use face wipes daily – only when taking make-up off. I used to purchase whatever was cheapest in the beauty aisle of my local supermarket. I then moved onto wipes that had less harmful ingredients chemically – yet at the end of the day I was still chucking them. I now use re-washable wipes that I dip in coconut/jocoba oil, which get the job done as well as any wet wipe.


I don’t wear a lot of make-up. Because BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN plus I am also incredibly lazy. I have been a fan of RMS make up for a long time. I now use the Australian brand Ere Perez for nearly all my beauty needs. My three favourite products are the Jojoba black eye pencil, powder foundation and Rosehip Lipbar. The Lipbar is PURPLE in colour but it does not appear purple on your lips. THIS IS BECAUSE IT IS MAGIC.


Apple Cider Vinegar is in my opinion, one of the best substances ever invented. I mix one part Organic ACP with two parts water and apply it to my face with a re-washable wipe. The difference in my skin is worth the smell.


Plastic razors fall in the same category as plastic toothbrushes. I recently splurged on a metal travel razor. I am yet to try it out, as I am still engaging in the use of my last plastic razor. It seemed terribly expensive at the time, but considering how often I have to replace the disposables, I expect it will eventually pay for itself over time.



I recently converted to shampoo bars, but my hair is in that icky stage of getting used to a new product. I hear of people going sans shampoo. They are very brave. I am not.

Items I had issues with:


I went sans cleanser for quite some time, then realised I really needed to do something about this, if I ever wanted to date again. I had heard of the American company Meow Meow Tweet, so I decided to treat myself and invest in their facial kit.

So far, I like it. Their spot serum does not have the same effect on my face that Australian Tea Tree Oil does, but I dig the rest of the products, particularly their toner. I now use that as a day toner and ACV at night. This has also led to positive effects within my personal life, as I no longer smell like a salad.



I have spent years trying to find a deodorant that actually worked, giving up for quite some time and switching back to Nivea. Recently, I tried out Meow Meow Tweet’s Lavender deodorant cream. It does an adequate job of covering up BO – but the real test will be during an Australian summer. We are in the clear – for now…

Body Lotion

When I lived in Australia, I used to cream my body with Pat Collin’s Body Lotion. I ran out of it a few months into my move to London. After reading online about using various cooking oils as moisturiser, I decided to give that a go, crazy as it sounded. No joy – it dried out my skin like mad. I am still on the lookout for a suitable replacement until I can replenish my stock.


I don’t wear sunscreen all that much anymore. This is because I live in England, where 18°C is considered a warm summer’s day. When I am at home in Australia I do not leave the house without it, as I very much wish to continue on living a cancer-free life. I used Wotnot Sunscreen as I trust an Australian brand to know what is required to beat the Australian sun. It also doesn’t cause my skin to break out like mad, as I found out the hard way during a recent trip to Croatia.


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  1. Not sure if this is a beauty product per se, but when I was in Sweden having issues with a dry nose and lots of nose bleeds because of the weather and heating, a chemist suggested using a sesame seed oil nasal spray for my nose. It is great for your nose if you are in dry or air conditioned places a lot (like planes). It was also good to use around my nose when the skin was a bit cracked. I also didn’t get any break outs around my nose.

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