Tasmazia, Pancakes and the Village of Lower Crackpot

cradle mount roland

I was driving along, innocently minding my business, when the sign flashed by. I pulled over onto the side of the road and turned to J.

“Did we just pass a road sign for a town called ‘Nowhere Else’?” I demanded of him.

“I think we did,” he replied.

“Is this even a real place?” I asked as I clambered out of the car to snap a photo.

“It’s real,” he seemed confused and slightly offended by my question.

nowhere else

We were navigating across northern Tasmania, through an area known as the Promised Land. This seemed quite apt as J had promised that on arrival, he would treat me to “the best damn pancakes you have ever had in your life.”

I was dubious.

“What about 2am pancakes in Sydney? They are pretty pleasing.”

“NO! They do not compare!” He insisted.

Located out in pretty much the middle of nowhere, is one of Australia’s stranger attractions. Tasmazia. Hailed as “the largest maze complex in the world”, it was something I had to see for myself. Especially if there were pancakes involved.

J had vetoed breakfast that morning, insisting it would be “worth it”. The drive from Launceston to Tasmazia turned out to be almost an hour and a half long. By the time we finally pulled up in front of the Pancake Parlour, I was ravenous. I would have eaten anything.




I ordered the rocky road and he, some sort of strawberry delight. They were very, very good, although I still believe pancakes are best consumed in the wee hours of the morning.

Finally fed, we paid the $25 admission fee and entered the park.


I had thought that the maze would solely be an attraction for kids, but was lured there by the thought of pancakes and the promise of a drive through Tasmania’s gorgeous countryside.


But Tasmazia was so much more than that. We entered the “Village of Lower Crackpot” – a model village built to 1/5th scale.


upside down


Pretty sure I was about 22 when this was taken, so this seems wholly unnecessary.



We stumbled through a maze to find this at the centre.

Juxtaposed with the natural beauty of Australia’s most southern state.

mount roland

If you are into pancakes, nature and like to have fun, then I wholeheartedly recommend you pay a visit to Tasmazia.

shock horror


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