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A Plastic Free Life: Month 4

May 3, 2016


I knew when I declared I was going plastic free that I was setting myself a pretty hard task. I didn’t quite anticipate just how difficult it would be! So, I’ve decided to start writing an overview every month highlighting what is and isn’t working, celebrating the small successes and making notes on what needs to be improved. Welcome to my fourth month of trying to live plastic-free!

We’re one month away from summer. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it’s slowly warming up elsewhere in the world, I’m sure.

The weather in London over the last month has been… temperamental to say the least. It started to get warm and everyone’s spirits were lifted. Then the temperatures plummeted. Last week we had a series of thunderstorms and even snow. Only two months too late.

Anyway, I’m not really sure of why I’m wasting time talking about the weather. British tendencies are hard to escape, if you live here long enough!

Let’s dive in and see how this month panned out.



I didn’t leave the UK this month at all. That’s quite a statement, particularly as the last time I spent four consecutive weeks in this country was May last year. It was actually really nice to stay put. Although I did go Cardiff for a weekend, but it’s only three hours away so it barely counts.

I was determined not to travel so much this year and although I believe everyone reading this is now laughing at me, I’ve definitely slowed down. That being said, I’m sure things pick up over the summer, with ideas for adventures simmering. Plus I’m heading to Costa Rica this month, which is sure to be a blast. Sea! Sand! Sun! Hooray.

Although the blog was quiet this month, a trip to a travel blogging conference led to revelation of sorts. That primarily being that I realised I don’t want to be a travel blogger. Although I’d like to continue writing about it in some capacity online, there’s other avenues I’d like to explore, particularly where Birdgehls is concerned.



The market is still proving to be a good source for fish and some produce. I did do a little research into vegetable boxes, but ultimately decided it would be much similar to what was already available at the market.

There’s been some growth in the garden, although nothing is at the stage of being edible. I did manage to plant my mint, which has slowly begun sprouting.

Compost is still going strong – we managed to use a bit of it to aid our plants. I’m in the practice now of regularly cooking up stock, using vegetable scraps. We should really be moving out of soup season by now. I’ve already said my bit about English weather.

Dry goods store. Yep. I know.



I’ve managed to drag the bottle of shampoo I initially purchased over three consecutive months. Funny thing – I went to mix in more avocado seed solution, but got my bottles confused and put the shampoo into my rosewater concoction instead. Whoops! Oh well. It means my hair is smelling like rosewater after each wash, which is hardly a terrible thing.

I’m planning on trialling some homemade shampoos and conditioners that I bought on Etsy over the next month. If they work with my hair, I might venture into concocting some potions off my own.

I would like to eventually have another stab at eliminating shampoo from my life. Ariana from Paris to Go recently wrote a very detailed post on her blog that highlighted her successes a year on from using this method. I’m still feeling rather emotionally scarred from my last attempt, so in the stage now of working up the courage to have another stab at it.



I got my coat and I am soooooo in love with it. I thought it was too late in the year to be thinking about investing in this wardrobe staple. With the weather being as all over the place as it has been, I’ve been getting pretty good wear out of it. I think it will prove to be a good coat for the in between seasons and maybe the summer too. I’m upset about having to entertain the thought of wearing a coat during the summer season, but that’s England for you.

With a trip to Costa Rica coming up quickly, I’ve been trying to find the ideal pair of swimmers. This has proved to be a harder task than I had initially hoped. As a top heavy kinda gal, I find it difficult to source swimmers that provide adequate coverage to my upper half. It’s a real curse, I’ll tell you that now. I have however managed to source some bikini bottoms that I’m head over heels with. I think I’ll take them to Costa Rica and continue to utilise my current top. Surely it’s got some mileage left in it, yet.

I will say this. I like to shop online. I feel guilty about this. Yet, this guilt is somewhat assuaged by companies like Zady and Liar Swimwear. Both companies claim to make ethical clothing and both shipped their items without encasing them in copious amounts of plastic. It’s reassuring to see, particularly when other so called eco-friendly companies and send stuff out swaddled in unnecessary packaging.


I can write stuff about cleaning because I actually did some this month! Had pretty good success with scrubbing the entire bathroom down with white vinegar, water and an old towel. It appears the towel was key, particularly in working to eliminate stains around the bath tub.

It does leave the bathroom smelling like vinegar, but I kinda like the scent! It smells clean, in a less chemically way.



After all my excitement in finally attending Krav Maga, a conflicting work schedule in April and a change of venue for the group got in the way of heading to another class. Sigh. Story of my life.

My mind has recently been on the subject of books. Well, that’s nothing new. I love reading, so, so much. Particularly from tangible books. I don’t have a Kindle and just tend to read books off my iPad. Or in actual book form.

There’s two problems with this. The first is that I’ve already built up an extensive collection of books, in the very short time I’ve been in England. I don’t want to add to it anymore than I have to. Yet, I dislike reading books off my iPad, particularly when I’ve been at work all day and am sick of staring at a screen.

I’m not sure if I want to invest in an actual Kindle, as I already have a lot of electronic items lying around. The other option is to join a library. I’m a member of the Barbican, but it’s quite far away from where I live. There is a smaller library down the road, which is probably worth checking out.

Plans for May

I’m spending a good chunk of the month in Central America and the rest spent pretty much living at work. That being said, I do have a few goals in place for the next four weeks.

  • Use minimal to NO plastic during my trip to Costa Rica
  • Not kill anything in the garden
  • Cook one meal a week when I am in London
  • Join the library down the road
  • Replenish my stock of green tea, because I’ve finished the 200 grams I bought in March. Addicted, much?

If you’d like to keep up with the small successes I’m encountering in my mission to rid my life of plastic, head to the Birdgehls Facebook page for more regular updates.

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  • Reply Bound2Books May 3, 2016 at 3:26 pm

    I am excited for you and your library adventures! I haven’t visited my local for a while (mainly because of the deafening construction noises coming from the street adjacent).

    I think you are doing an amazing job with the no plastic life, despite all the struggles. You make me and I am sure others more aware of the plastic around them. And this is such a powerful awesome thing to be doing for the world. x

    • Reply Laura Céline May 3, 2016 at 3:35 pm

      It is nice to even have a local! Can’t remember if you saw ours… It’s TINY. So I’m not expecting a big collection, hopefully it will have some of the classics.
      Thank you, I wish it was an easier thing to do! Hopefully it will become this way in time.

  • Reply kereta sewa subang May 6, 2016 at 9:11 am

    nice post Laura!
    really informative. thanks for sharing with us. keep this blog update

    • Reply Laura Céline May 6, 2016 at 9:58 am

      Thanks for the comment! It’s Laura Céline ?

  • Reply Anastazja June 6, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Love that your doing this!! Best of luck for the next 6 months! 😉 I’m also doing a similar challenge (but non plastic related). I’m running a minimum of one mile every day in aid of Children’s Society. I also wrote a blog post about it:

    • Reply Laura Céline June 7, 2016 at 12:27 pm

      Thanks Anastazja! That’s an excellent cause. Good luck to you too!

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