Meet Me at the NOTEL Room: Melbourne’s Quirkiest Hotel

The NOTEL Melbourne – is it the city’s quirkiest hotel? Read on to find out what it’s like to spend the night at the NOTEL in Melbourne and whether it’s worth the price.

notel melbourne inside
Inside the NOTEL Airstream with Benefits.

You may have seen it on the internet somewhere, possibly (and most probably) Instagram.

Melbourne’s caravan hotel – the six chrome airstream trailers against a pink backdrop, overlooking Flinders Lane.

In terms of uniqueness, NOTEL is probably one of the best hotels in Melbourne.

These trailers – known as NOTEL (not your average hotel) – are definitely the ideal accommodation for anyone looking for an alternative space to spend the night in the city.

Or, those like myself who live in Melbourne and fancy a little local holiday – a fun night in with a friend or your other half.

I recently booked out one of the trailers – and if I was going to do it, I figured I may as well go the full nine yards and reserve the Airstream with Benefits.

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NOTEL Melbourne airstream trailer
I appreciate the cacti.

This kitted out beauty came with its own private deck and best of all, a HOT TUB.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for immersing myself in hot or cold bodies of water for hours on end, so it seemed like a good deal to me.

Click here to check out NOTEL’s prices and availability

NOTEL Melbourne door inside and outside
The door leading in and out!

NOTEL Melbourne: What to Expect

I’ll quickly run through what you should expect when spending the night at the NOTEL Melbourne.

You’ll find out what the trailers are like, what’s included and whether it’s worth the price.

How to Enter the NOTEL Melbourne

Check in time is from 3pm onwards, but there’s no concierge at the NOTEL.

In a manner that is extremely high tech, you receive a key electronically, via an app.

You don’t really get a lot of clues as to where the entrance is and I’d helpfully just got off a plane from Thailand and was feeling a bit loopy.

Luckily, NOTEL sits above a carpark and the staff there are very helpful.

Once you’ve puzzled your way through a series of doors, you’re in. The electric key is good until 11am the next morning, check out time.

The downside is that you have to have your phone on you at all times. Not ideal if you’re looking to switch off on your overnight trip to the city.

Don’t leave the trailer without it and be careful particularly not to have the door slam shut with your phone inside and your body on the outer!

NOTEL Melbourne insde
It’s very pink inside.

NOTEL Melbourne seats
Millenial pink. Delightful.

What to Expect Inside the Trailer

So, what will you find inside one of the NOTEL airstream trailers?

Why, everything you could possibly need for one night.

There’s a comfy queen-sized bed, a bar fridge (more on that soon), an alarm clock with a charger and docking station and an iPad (which you can watch Netflix on).

The room has split-cycle air conditioning, keeping the trailer cosy or cold – much needed for a city with completely unpredictable weather activity. It was cold and rainy while we were there. In February – summer!

notel melbourne toiletries
The provided toiletries.
NOTEL Melbourne shower
The also very pink shower!

The bathroom is decently-sized for a trailer and outfitted in pink.

The shower is hot and very pleasing and I am happy to see that NOTEL uses the same brand of recycled toilet paper as I do!

notel melbourne review
I give a crap!
notel melbourne review
Bathroom selfie.

Outside the trailers is a deck with a table and two chairs.

Five of the trailers look out onto each other in a communal living space.

The sixth with Benefits trailer has a private deck, which looks out onto Flinders Lane.

All in all, the trailer comfortably sleeps two, making it an ideal escape for couples celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just each other!

I imagine it would be quite fun to grab a girlfriend and spend a giggly night there together – or hell, go on your own. You’re in for a nice night, regardless.

notel melbourne review
Some of the supplied goodies in the bar fridge.

A Night in of Fun and Frivolity

So, what is there to do once you’re ensconced in your airstream trailer?

Well, it’s pretty easy to fill a night, as it turns out.

Having booked the trailer with benefits, we had access to the super sweet hot tub (which flashed difference colours once you pressed a few buttons, NOT THAT I GOT A PICTURE OF THIS).

notel melbourne review
Very endeared to anywhere that provides snacks!
notel melbourne colonial beers
Good old colonial!

In all trailers you’re provided with a super sweet bar full of goodies, mostly of all the alcoholic variety, although there are a few soft drinks on offer too.

Popping open the bottle of champers to drink in the hot tub, is certainly an experience worth having.

There’s also some chocolate and chippies, if you fancy a snack.

As far as dinner goes, the trailers are located in Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business District) and it’s a certainly a city that is known for its array of good food.

You could go dine centrally, but I chose to get takeaway instead.

This wasn’t just any sort of accommodation – it was providing the experience itself.

And the less time spent foraging for food, meant there was more time to be spent in the hot tub (which totalled roughly six hours in the end, you can’t say we didn’t make good use of it!).

notel melbourne bed
A soak in the tub, followed by a good night’s sleep!

What kinda prices are we looking at, here?

The five NOTEL trailers are priced at $395 each – the Airstream With Benefits at $440.
A bit out of your price range? Search for cheaper accommodation in Melbourne here.

All in all, it makes for a fun night in the city of Melbourne – whether you’re a resident, or just travelling through.

If you’re looking for other places to stay in the city, here’s a list of Melbourne’s best neighbourhoods for travellers.

Make sure you read this post on quirky date options in the city as well.

So there you have it. NOTEL Melbourne’s a lot of fun, whether you’re new to the city or a resident looking to mix things up a bit. Have you stayed in this quirky hotel?

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If you're looking for offbeat accommodation in the city of #Melbourne, #Australia - NOTEL is a great place to start. It features six chrome Airstream trailers, overlooking Finders Lane in the CBD - one of which comes with its own private deck and a hot tub! / Melbourne Accommodation / Fun Things to Do in Melbourne / Unusual Things to Do in Melbourne /

All prices are in AUD.

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  1. The branding on that toilet roll is nothing short of awesome, haha. In all seriousness though, this looks like a great alternative to a hotel in the CBD especially for an occasion! They’ve renovated the trailers really tastefully and they look super modern and homey. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Haha I find such joy in displaying them in my own place. Thanks Alyse! Totally recommend trying it out next time you’re down south.

  2. love the toilet paper packaging! wow why does au accomodations have to be reallt expensive? but if i have to spend hundreds of dollar in an accomodation, i would surelt pick this ?

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