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Exploring the North East Silo Art Trail, Victoria

The North East Silo Art Trail is a lot smaller than Victoria’s north-western silo touring route. This means it can be easily covered in a day. Find out what you can expect on this art trail and where to stay.

Brightly coloured horses along a white fence in Benalla, courtesy of street artist Kaff-eine. The northeast silo art trail begins in Benalla.
A mural by Kaff-eine in Benalla, north-east Victoria.

Many people have heard of the internationally renowned Silo Art Trail in Victoria’s north west.

But did you know that there’s another small trail north east of Melbourne, in Victoria’s High Country?

In April 2019, I journeyed out to the regional town of Benalla for their annual Wall to Wall festival and found out about this funky little trail.

In fact, some of the silos were being painted while we were there – it was amazing watching these artists at work!

Benalla is around a three hour drive from Melbourne and you can use it as a launching pad to see this particular silo art trail.

Travelling The North East Silo Art Trail

Unlike the original trail, these silos and towns are much closer together and can be seen quite easily in a day trip from Melbourne. Although I would go for a weekend, so you’re not spending too much time in a car.

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You’ll need a car to get out to see the North East Silo Art Trail. Renting a car is very straightforward in Australia – I’ve done it more times than I can count.

This guide to the North East Silo Art Trail will cover:

  • Map of the silo art trail
  • Where you can find the silo art:
    • Goorambat Silo Art
    • ‘Sophia’ of Goorambat
    • Devenish Silo Art
    • St James Silo Art
    • Tungamah Silo Art
    • Winton Wetlands Water Tank Art
    • Dookie Silo Art
    • Katamatite Silo Art
  • Where to stay on the North East Silo Art Trail
  • Other things to do in Victoria

Map of the North East Silo Art Trail

Check out this silo trail map for more info:

I would also advise not leaving it until late afternoon or last light to see the majority of silos on this list, as the sun will be setting behind all but the last one in Tungamah.

Here’s what you can find along the North East Silo Art Trail.

Goorambat Silo Art

The Goorambat Silo features rural landscape and Barking Owl and is the first mural on the north east silo art trail.
One side of Dvate’s silo art.

Artist: Jimmy Dvate

Dvate is my favourite Melbourne street artist. He cares about conservation efforts and much of his work focuses on endangered birds, to the delight of this “Birdgehl”.

This silo features the Barking Owl, which is the most threatened owl in north east Victoria and a country landscape on one side.

The other, which was being worked on while we were there, is a trio of Clydesdale horses.

The community offer souvenirs for sale and there’s a cute pub opposite the silo. Don’t forget to spread your tourist dollars around!

This isn’t Dvate’s only silo – he completed one in Rochester, VIC in 2018.

Location: Halls Rd, Goorambat

‘Sophia’ of Goorambat

A portrait of a beautiful woman, with a dove, painted inside a small church.
The beautiful Sophia.

Artist: Adnate

Sophia is located in the Uniting Church, just up the road from the silos.

Adnate painted this mural during the 2017 Wall to Wall Festival and in doing so, depicted the female aspect of the Holy Spirit.

The church is open from 9AM to 5PM daily.

If you arrive outside these hours, there’s a number on the door you can call.

A volunteer of the church will be happy to let you in, to see this beautiful piece of art.

Location: Goorambat Uniting Church, 33 Halls Rd, Goorambat

Devenish Silo Art

Two women painted on the side of a tall silo. One is dressed in a nurse outfit from 100 years ago, the other in a medical military uniform of recent times.
Women of the medical military, 100 years apart.

Artist: Cam Scale

Scale’s work features a First World War nurse and a modern day combat medic, representing the fifty young men and women from the local community, who enlisted in military service during WW1.

These two paintings were unveiled in the 24th of April 2018, just before ANZAC Day on the 25th.

It also marked the 100 year centenary of the end of the war.

Scale was working on a third mural when we visited, which once finished, depicted a Lighthorse man.

You could sit in the pub across the road and watch the artist at work, which is quite fun.

Location: Main Street, Devenish

St James Silo Art

Mural on this silo is a portrait of Sir George Coles and his first store.
Sir George Coles in St James.

Artist: Timothy Bowtell

These silos feature a mural of Sir George Coles, founder of supermarket giant Coles, once a St James local.

Coles provided a $20,000 donation, in order for this artwork to be created.

Location: Devenish Rd, St James

Tungamah Silo Art

Looking up at the Tungamah mural, which is quite different to the others on the northeast silo art trail.
The Tungamah silo is quite different to the others on this trail.

Artist: Sobrane Simcock

This was the first silo to be completed on this particular silo art trail, painted by Western Australian street artist Sobrane Simcock.

This is probably my favourite of this particular trail – I love the use of colour and the personality of the birds in Simcock’s work.

It’s been added to since we visited – can’t wait to see it again in all its vibrant glory.

Location: Cnr Middleton St & Station St, Tungamarah

A small water tank featuring the portrait of an older man, surrounded by bare trees.
The CFA Wetlands Water Tank is the work of Guido Van Helten.

Winton Wetlands Water Tank Art

Artist: Guido Van Helten

Founding silo artist Guido Van Helten has left his mark on the north east silo art trail, painting a water tank in the Winton Wetlands.

Guido has painted portraits of three volunteers – Colin Hooke from Chesney Vale Fire Brigade, Robert Green of Taminick Fire Brigade and Danielle Spokes of Winton Fire Brigade.

This is a bit trickier to find than the other works.

Using Google, you’re looking for the ‘Art Trail’ within the Winton Wetlands. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you drive through these ‘Fish Trees’.

The 'fish trees' in the wetlands - trees painted with colourful fish.
This area was one a man-made lake, hence the fish theme here and drowned trees.

Continue up this road and turn left. You’ll see the tank at the end of that road.

There’s some other fabulous art and sculpture on this trail, worth checking out along with the wetlands, if you have a bit of time up your sleeve!

Location: 652 Lake Mokoan Rd, Chesney Vale

Dookie Silo Art

Artist: Various

This is the most recent addition to the North East Silo Art Trail.

Head to the small town of Dookie to see an assortment of decommissioned, portable grain silos, donated by local farmers, rendered into works of art.

These get regularly moved around, so the best thing to do is to head into the town centre and have a little poke around.

Katamatite Silo Art

The silo of Katamatite is the latest addition to this trail, completed in July 2023.

It shows a Wedge-tail eagle (paying homage to the traditional owners, the Kwat Kwan/Bangerang people), an Indigenous Scar Tree, local plants, a passenger train and horses pulling a scoop. Lots going on here!

The Benalla Silo Art Trail Map is a helpful resource in navigating the entire trail.

Colourful mural with a cockatoo and the name 'Benalla' on it.
Benalla is full of really neat street art.

Where to stay on the North East Silo Art Trail

Benalla is the ideal place to stay when visiting this particular silo art trail. You could perhaps do the whole thing during a day trip from Melbourne – but it’s quite a lot of driving!

We spent the night at the local Comfort Inn in Benalla. It’s reasonably priced.


All in all, driving out to the north east Silo Art Trail makes for the perfect weekend trip in Victoria.

Jump on it, if you have a couple of days spare and are feeling that familiar itch in your feet.

A cherry picker with an artist on it, painting a picture of two Clydesdale horses.
Working on the Clydesdales at Goorambat.

Other things to do in Victoria

  • Visit the King Valley and stuff yourself full of food (and wine, if you’re so inclined).
  • Visit a castle in Keilor and a Housemuseum in Kew.
  • Go glamping on someone’s farm!
  • Stay overnight in a hidden eco-village in Mount Hotham.
  • Visit Maldon, Australia’s first Notable town.
  • For more on Australia, see my Australia Travel Guide. And if you love urban art, see my guides to the street art in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

    Pin me baby one more time (for future reference).

    The north east silo art trail is much smaller than Victoria's larger silo touring route. It's easy to cover in a few hours. Find out more.

    If you visit the North East Silo Art Trail, you’re travelling on the lands of the Yorta Yorta people. We acknowledge them as Traditional Owners and pay our respects to their Elders, past and present.

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