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7 days in Melbourne itinerary: complete guide for 2024

If you’re heading to Australia, you’ll probably be spending some time in Melbourne (Narrm). If not – why on earth not?! This 7 day Melbourne itinerary will help you decide what to do during your time in the city.

View of St Kilda pier at sunset, with people walking in front of the building.
St Kilda pier at sunset.

Melbourne is one of the best cities in Australia to visit. Perhaps even on the planet, having been crowned the world’s most livable city award for 7 years in a row.

There’s a reason for this – it truly is a fantastic place to experience, as both a tourist and a resident.

I definitely agree with this. I’ve lived in Melbourne for many years and have no plans to move anywhere else.

As a local, I’ve created this itinerary to combine Melbourne’s best attractions with insider knowledge, so you can make the most of this fantastic city. Read on to find out more.

Colourful street art of a Kookaburra, painted by artist Dvate and located in Northcote.
Street art in the city’s inner suburbs.

This Melbourne itinerary contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may make small commission, at no extra cost to you.

Your 7 day Melbourne itinerary

Here is a loose itinerary you can play around with. It will work as a seven day itinerary, or you can cut it down to four or five days. It’s up to you.

Consider throwing some of these options into the mix, or alternatively, stick to the Melbourne itinerary provided.

  • Day 1: Get acquainted with the city’s Central Business District (CBD)
  • Day 2: Explore the sights south of the city
  • Day 3 Take a day trip to the coast
  • Day 4: See some icons of Melbourne
  • Day 5: Check out some popular urban areas
  • Day 6: Live like a local
  • Day 7: Head to the mountains or the valley

Melbourne Trip Tip: Consider grabbing a Klook Melbourne pass, which will give you discounted entry to many attractions on this itinerary. Depending on what you plan on doing, this could save you a heck-tonne of cash. You can use the pass to bundle 2, 3, 5 or 7 attractions.

How many days is enough in Melbourne?

You’ll need at least five days to properly experience Melbourne, but 7-10 days is ideal.

Three days will be enough to see the sights. Part of Melbourne’s appeal is the distinct vibe of its neighbourhoods, along with the wonderful attractions surrounding the city.

There’s so much to do in Melbourne, always new shows to see, restaurants and cafes to eat at, bars popping up and exhibitions to attend.

Even as a resident, it’s near impossible to keep your finger on the pulse and see it all.

It’s that good of a city.

Brightly coloured beach boxes on Brighton Beach in Melbourne. The one in the foreground has the Australian flag painted on it. A visit to the beach boxes is a must-do for any Melbourne itinerary.
Bathing Boxes in Brighton.

Is it better to visit Melbourne or Sydney?

If you’ve never visited Australia before and can only dedicate time to one of its two big cities, Sydney might seem like the better choice.

After all, it has the sights. Flinders Street Station or Federation Square don’t really compare to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

As you’ll discover in this guide, Melbourne still packs a punch against its flashier sibling.

If you need a little bit more help deciding, I’ve written a detailed guide on whether Sydney or Melbourne is a better city to visit.

7 day Melbourne itinerary: Some need-know information

Melbourne Airports: Melbourne is serviced by three airports – Tullamarine is the main airport, northwest of the city, Essendon is a much smaller airport mainly used for flights to regional Australia and Avalon is in the west, close to Geelong. Odds are you’ll probably be flying in from Tullamarine. For some silly reason, there’s no trainline out to the airport from the city, so your best option is a taxi, Uber, Ola, etc, or the Skybus, which travels from the airport to the CBD and can drop you off at your hotel.
Getting around: A Myki Card is necessary for travel around Melbourne via public transport. It’s a smartcard that you load money onto, in the style of pay-as-you-go ($30 is a good start for a few days in the city). Consider buying a pass if you’re staying in Melbourne for a week. You can buy them from any ticketing machine, from train stations, the airport and some tram stops and from select newsagencies – they’re priced at $6. Alternatively, if you have an Android phone, you can use that to tap through the turnstiles, in lieu of a card. This isn’t available on iPhone. Awesome.

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Street art in the CBD of an orange belly parrot and a man and woman lying down together.
There’s art everywhere in the CBD.

7 day Melbourne itinerary: Time your trip to Melbourne with an event

Melbourne is the culture capital of Australia and its calendar is jam-packed.

Why not plan your Melbourne itinerary around one of the city’s fabulous events?

Choose from the following:

There is also a certain famous horse race that takes place in November, but as a sustainable travel blog, it would be remiss to promote an event like that on here.

Discover the best time to visit Australia and the top spots for a winter holiday.

Where to stay in Melbourne on your trip

  • Budget: Melbourne City Backpackers has free breakfast and is close to Southern Cross Station.
  • Mid-range: The InterContinental Melbourne was built in 1891 (I would presume it has been renovated since then!) and features two restaurants, a lounge bar and a pool.
  • Lad-di-da: The Grand Hyatt is a high-rise with city views, which also boasts an indoor pool and spa.
  • Quirky: The Hotel No is not your average hotel – rather, it’s a collection of airstream trailers on a carpark rooftop. You can read a review about the experience of staying in one, here.
  • Boutique: The Cullen is a boutique hotel featuring decor inspired by artist Adam Cullen.
  • Eco-Friendly: The Alto is an eco-friendly, boutique hotel in the CBD – the first carbon neutral hotel in Australia!

Browse more hotels and find deals via Klook:


7 day Melbourne itinerary

Sunset in Docklands, an inner-neighbourhood of Melbourne.
Sunset in Docklands.

With all the logistics out of the way, let’s get on with the fun part – planning your Melbourne itinerary.

So. What exactly should you do if you’re spending a week in Melbourne?

Let’s explore.

7 Day Melbourne itinerary: Day 1

We’ll start in the centre of the city itself.

Melbourne’s CBD is quite compact and easy to navigate around, as it was planned within a handy grid system.

A such, this area is known as “The Grid”, really easy to remember.

One of the nicer aspects of this part of the city, is that the trams are completely free.

You don’t need to tap your Myki card on, unless you leave the Free Tram Zone. An announcement will be made, so you’ll know when this is happening.

Basically, if you’ve gone south of the Yarra River, you’ll have to pay.

I thoroughly recommend jumping onto the browny/burgundy coloured City Circle Tram.

There’s running commentary onboard and it’s an easy way to quickly get acquainted to the layout of the land.

Things to do on day 1 of your Melbourne itinerary

A hand pouring cold drip coffee at a cafe. If you love your coffee, make the city's cafe scene part of your Melbourne itinerary.
Elixir of life, for most Melburnians.

Immediately have a coffee

If there’s one thing Melbourne (actually, much of Australia) does well, it’s coffee.

Melburnians are obsessed with the stuff and so there are coffee places and cafés absolutely everywhere (remember to bring your reusable coffee cup with you to save on waste).

Artisan coffee is so popular that even Starbucks failed to launch the first time it tried to get a hold on the Australian market.

In its second attempt, it’s found itself catering largely to increasing tourists, rather than locals.

The CBD (the entire city, really) is crammed full of coffee shops, but if you need a little bit of direction, then here are some to start with:

  • Higher Ground 650 Little Bourke St
  • Brick Lane 33 Guildford Ln
  • Manchester Press 8 Rankins Ln
  • Liminal 161 Collins Street

Visit the Melbourne Museum

Melbourne’s got some great museums, but the eponymous Melbourne Museum is one of the best.

The permanent exhibition is quite cool (lots of taxidermy) and the very reasonable entry fee of $15 will get you into Bunjilaka, the Aboriginal Cultural Museum.

There are always interesting exhibitions going on too.

The Museum is also home to Melbourne’s IMAX, quite possibly the biggest in Australia since Sydney’s was torn down for some rubbish like luxury apartments.

This IMAX regularly screens feature action films, such as classic The Mummy, with 90’s/00’s heartthrob Brendan Fraser (who I often like to google, because he is pretty, then and now).

Stroll around the Fitzroy Gardens

Melbourne is full of gorgeous parks (and Victoria is known as the garden state), but the heritage listed Fitzroy Gardens are my favourite after the Botanic, which we’ll get to later on.

Not only is it a very nice park in general, there are some quite interesting sights to see there.

Highlights include:

  • Coloniser ‘Explorer’ Captain Cook’s Cottage, which was built in Yorkshire, England in 1755 and transported to Melbourne in 1934, to be rebuilt.
  • Ola Cohn’s Fairies Tree, covered with delightful carvings of magical creatures and Australian fauna.
  • A miniature Mock Tudor Village, presented to the City of Melbourne by the City of Lambeth, England, to say thanks to Melbourne for sending food to Britain during the Second World War.

There are many more, but I’ll leave them for you to discover.

Check out Flinders Street & Federation Square

Flinders Street is to Melbourne what the Sydney Opera House is to Sydney, except not as world-famous.

It’s Melbourne’s beautifully ornate central station, a hub for transport and for those exploring the city or who call it home.

Right across the street from Flinders is Federation Square, a collection of museums and galleries, bars, cafes and restaurants.

ACMI, the Australian Centre for the Moving image and the Ian Potter Centre, NGV’s Australian art outpost are both located here.

You’ll also find the Koorie Heritage Trust, which you can drop into to discover more about Victoria’s Aboriginal history. I thoroughly recommend popping into Big Esso next door for food, drinks or both (they do a mean green ant martini)

There is often markets or festivals held in the square and a giant screen is suspended and used to televise sporting events such as the Australian Open and Soccer World Cup.

melbourne itinerary
Melbourne has some truly colourful laneways.

Poke around the Laneways & Arcades

Melbourne is famous for the many laneways which can be found throughout the city, featuring colourful urban art, cafes, restaurants, coffee stops, boutique shops and bars.

The following are some of the better known laneways, but you could stroll into most and find something interesting:

  • Hosier Lane – best for continuously-updated art
  • Rutledge Lane – see above above
  • AC/DC Lane – named after the famous Aussie band
  • Degraves Street – great for cafes and restaurants
  • Hardware Lane – as above.

You could spend a whole day exploring Melbourne’s laneways, either by yourself or as part of a guided tour.

Discover other unique tours in Melbourne:


Have dinner in Chinatown

Melbourne’s Chinatown has been around since the 1850’s, takes up two blocks and is fantastic to stroll down, with plenty of interesting laneways, bars and restaurants lining its streets.

If anything, you need to go there for the dumplings. My favourite places are China Red on Bourke St and Hu Tong on Market Lane.

If you feel so inclined, you can jump on a dumpling tour, which lasts for three hours and will leave you feeling immensely satisfied.

Neon red sign outside a building - reads 'Lucy Liu'.
Lucy Liu Bar in the city.

Go bar hopping

Melbourne’s got the best nightlife of probably anywhere in Australia and some of its hot spots are pretty unreal. There are bars littered across the city, probably rivalling the number of cafes.

Here are a few of my favourites, some of which are themed, some are secret and all are particularly pleasant if you enjoy cocktails.

And roll into bed whenever you want, to complete the first day of your 7 day Melbourne itinerary!

7 Day Melbourne itinerary: Day 2

Today we will journey south of the river, where there is plenty to do and see.

Don’t forget to touch on your myki card, as we’ll be leaving the Tram Free Zone!

Things to do on day 2 of your Melbourne itinerary

The exterior of South Melbourne Market.
South Melbourne Market.

Check out the South Melbourne Market

This fabulous market is open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

If day two of your Melbourne itinerary falls on one of these days, it’ll be an ideal place to grab some brekky, get a coffee and wander around.

The market is full of fresh produce, dairy and meat shops, interesting little food stalls, bookstores, florists… you can find a wide array of items here.

Walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens

These are my favourite gardens in Victoria, not only because they are lovely to walk around, but there’s always heaps to do.

You can go punting on the lake, jump on a climate or Aboriginal Heritage walk and in the summer time, chill out and watch some Moonlight Cinema.

Or, just take your own picnic, relax and enjoy the serenity.

A majestic and ornate building, the Shrine of Remembrance in St Kilda, Melbourne. It offers up glorious views of the city, making it a perfect addition to any Melbourne itinerary.
The Shrine at night.

Visit the Shrine of Remembrance

Next, head east to the Shrine of Remembrance, the biggest and I would say grandest war memorial in Oz.

This building honours all Australian people and animals who have been affected by war, whether they gave their time or their lives to support the cause.

There are many interesting aspects to The Shrine, as it is known in amongst locals.

The Eternal Flame, a permanent gas flame, burns outside its entrance.

Once a year, on the 11th November (Remembrance Day) at 11am, when Australians around the country are holding a minutes of silence in memorial, a ray of sunlight shines through an aperture in the roof to light up the word “Love” in an inscription inside the Shrine, which reads “Greater love hath no man”.

You can also climb up the roof, which offers fantastic views of the city, from the south looking in (one of the best free things to do in Melbourne).

Take a cruise along the Yarra

Seeing a city from the water is always a fun experience and Melbourne’s certainly a city of sights.

There are river cruises that leave the city and travel along to the port suburb of Williamstown, which is a really lovely trip to take.

Pick the perfect cruise:


A past exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia, rows of black and white shapes representating the art of Escher by artist Nendo.
A past exhibition at the NGV.

Check out the National Gallery of Victoria

The NGV is the best art gallery in the country and attracts world class exhibitionss – everything from the works of Van Gogh, to Dior’s haute couture.

Some exhibits have an entry fee, but not all of them.

Check their website to see what’s on.

In any case, the permanent exhibit is free to enter, so there’s not ever any lines for that.

Melbourne Trip Tip: If there is an exhibition you want to see, book tickets in advance online. The booking fee is worth avoiding the usually massive wait to get in!

Gaze out across the city from Melbourne Skydeck

Eureka Skydeck 88 is currently the highest point from which you can ogle Melbourne.

For the more daring, there is the experience known as “The Edge”, where you’ll stand out on glass cubes to take it all in… and yes, that includes a glass floor! Eek.

One part of Skydeck that I quite like is the fact that it’s home to the highest post box in Australia – a fun fact to scribble on the back of any card posted from there.

A hand holds up an owl plush toy, with Melbourne's Princess Theatre in the background. A sign on the theatre reads 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Parts One and Two.'
Seeing “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne.

See a show

Melbourne’s the place for shows in Australia.

Discover which musicals are showing in the city at the moment.

Melbourne’s main theatres are:

Grab dinner or a drink, before or after the show at Farmers Daughters, Nick and Nora’s, Siglo Bar or Bar Margeaux.

Alternatively, check out the Arts Centre program to see if there’s anything playing that tickles your fancy.

Melbourne Trip Tip: Every Tuesday at 12pm Arts Centre Melbourne offer discounted seats for their shows, for twelve hours only. Theatre in Australia is expensive, so this is definitely something worth working into your plans.

7 Day Melbourne itinerary: Day 3

On day three of your 7 day Melbourne itinerary, we’re going to get out of the city and head to a popular and very beautiful tourist destination – The Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road is a coastal road which will take you around dramatic cliffs, past bushland and through gorgeous seaside towns.

Stretching 243 kilometres in length, it starts at a town called Torquay and ends at Allansford, just outside of Warrnambool.

You have two options. You can self-drive the Great Ocean Road, or take an organised tour.

If you plan to drive, rent a car in the city and drive out on the day. You don’t have to go there and back along the coast, as there’s a much quicker option that will take you back to the city centre via a highway.

A couple of things to consider – we drive on the left hand side in Australia and you may need an international licence – easy enough to check.


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Things to do in summer in Melbourne

A woman in a coat and red beanie looking out onto the 12 Apostles, limestone stacks long the coast.
The 12 Apostles, a natural landmark along the Great Ocean Road.

Need a set of wheels for the Great Ocean Road? Find out more information and compare rental car prices

Alternatively and to save the hassle, book onto a day tour that will take you to many of the sights along the Great Ocean Road.

Find the perfect day trip to the Great Ocean Road:


Things to do on day 3 of your Melbourne itinerary

Here are some of the sights can can expect to see along the Great Ocean Road.

  • Great Ocean Road Arch – This arch pays homage to the workers who constructed the road and marks its beginning.
  • Towns of Torquay and Lorne – Two popular and very pretty towns along the GOR.
  • Limestone stacks of The 12 Apostles – Probably the best known sight, a bunch of limestone stacks, left over from cliff erosion.
  • Loch Ard Gorge – Gorge named after the Loch Ard which was shipwrecked here in 1878. Lots of great coastal walks around here.
  • London Arch – Also known as London Bridge, it ironically collapsed in 1990, leaving two tourists stranded.
  • Great Otway National Park – Beautiful national park full of waterfalls and a cool lighthouse.
  • Aussie Wildlife – Here’s your chance to see some Aussie fauna, particularly our cute koalas.
Two hills intersecting, with ocean between them and a rainbow in the sky.
The view of the Great Ocean Road from Teddy’s Lookout near Lorne.

After a full day of sightseeing, head back to the city and relax!

Here are some other options for weekend getaways from Melbourne, if you’re after more inspiration.

7 Day Melbourne itinerary: Day 4

Day four of your 7 day Melbourne itinerary will take you to some other coastal sights – notably the famous beach boxes of Brighton and a visit to see Melbourne’s smallest and cutest residents – the Little Penguins.

Things to do on day 4 of your Melbourne itinerary

Sunset on a beach in Phillip Island in front of an ampitheatre.
Here’s where you go to see the penguins – Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade.

Have a lazy brunch in the city

Let’s start with a time-honoured Australian tradition – brunch.

We love this meal, because it combines all the things that Aussies hold dear. Good conversation, good food and good coffee.

Here are some places to consider.

A row of painted beach boxes in Brighton.
The bathing boxes of Brighton are a popular attraction.

Visit the iconic Brighton beach boxes

After you’re fed, you’re going to head to Brighton Beach to check out its very colourful beach boxes.

These popular boxes are considered to be the ultimate social icon, fetching staggering prices when they hit the market – the last one sold fetched $330,000 AUD in March 2019.

In order to own one, you have to be a local ratepayer, but as Brighton is considered to be one of the most affluent suburbs of Melbourne, clearly the residents here can afford such an expense.

Melbourne Trip Tip: To get Brighton by public transport, catch a train on the Sandringham line from Flinders Street to Brighton Beach Railway Station. It’s a short stroll from there to the bathing boxes. If you’re coming by car, it takes around 20 minutes to get to the beach from the city, traffic dependent.


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Looking out onto a beach on a sunny summer day.
Ventnor Beach on Phillip Island.

Visit Phillip Island to see the Fairy Penguins

Phillip Island is a destination of its own accord. It’s the place where the Formula One Grand Prix is held and an excellent option for a day trip from Melbourne.

However, we’re hitting the island for one thing and one thing alone – the little Fairy Penguins that inhabit it.

These little fellas return to the island after a hard day’s fishing to curl up and sleep.

Three penguins at Penguin Parade on Phillip Island in Victoria.
Phillip Islands’ star residents. Image credit: Visit Victoria.

Visitors are allowed to watch them return from Penguin Parade, as they try not faint from all the cuteness before them.

Phillip Island is around a ninety minute drive from the city and is incredibly popular, so be sure to book ticket in advance.

Book a day trip that includes a trip to Phillip Island:


Here are some means of getting to Phillip Island.

7 Day Melbourne itinerary: Day 5

We’re going to get out of the city again today, but we’re not going to go far.

Rather, we’re going to make a quick journey to some of the inner suburbs, surrounding the CBD – Collingwood and Fitzroy.

Both are extremely easy to navigate to (by tram or train) and have a range of things to do or see.

There are old, historic buildings, plenty of street art, good food and fantastic shopping – what more could you ask for?

a woman in a leather coat takes a photo of a chicken at Collingwood Children's Farm.
At the nearby Collingwood Children’s Farm.

Things to do on day 5 of your Melbourne itinerary

Grab a world-renowned pastry

Start the day with a pastry from Lune Croissant.

They’re one of the best in the world. Even the New York Times thinks so.

So you’re warned in advance, these baked goods are immensely popular. Don’t be surprised if there’s a queue.

Visit the Abbotsford Convent

The convent spreads over 16 acres and is Oz’s largest multi-arts precinct. Here you’ll find studios, galleries, a school, a radio station, restaurants and cafes.

Right next to the convent is the Collingwood Children’s Farm, an urban farm in the city.

It contains horses, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens guinea pigs and is great for all ages – particularly as you can get up close to many of the animals there.

Grab a bev at the Stomping Ground

Melburnians love their craft beer and Collingwood is an excellent destination to get acquainted with Australia’s finest hops.

Head to the Stomping Ground Brewery for a bevvie, whether your poison of choice be beer or cider (or soft drink… or water!).

It’s a lovely indoor beer hall, very popular in the area.

Looking skywards at three trains, perched on top of a building.
Dinner in a train? Yes please!

Dine in a train on top of a building

Starting to feel a bit peckish?

Why not take the opportunity to dine in a train, at Easey’s.

Yep, this restaurant is a renovated train, elevated onto a rooftop in Collingwood and sells burgers, hotdogs, milkshakes and cocktails.

Alternative, grab great nosh at Maha Bar, Red Sparrow Pizza or Chotto Motto.

Shop up a storm

Now that you’re fed and watered, it’s time to partake in one of the joys of Melbourne – shopping.

Melbourne is Australia’s premier shopping destination and people around the country congregate in this city for a bit of retail therapy.

Brunswick Street has an excellent range of shops, from op (opportunity, our version of charity/thrift shops) shops and high end boutique stores, selling the most beautiful clothes.

If it’s the weekend, take some time to check out the Rose Street Artist’s Market for locally made artwork, jewellery and such.

Smith Street in Collingwood is equally as fun to poke around in.

Sunset and buildings in Collingwood.
Okay, this sunset is in Collingwood, but still – pretty!

Watch the sun go down from Naked Upstairs

Cap the day off with dinner at Naked for Satan, where you can dine on Spanish tapas. Their rooftop bar Naked Upstairs has excellent views of the city.

Brunswick Street has a pretty good nightlife, so if you’ve got another late night in you, I say go for it.

Grab a cocktail at The Black Pearl or The Everleigh. Sit down with an Ale at the Napier Hotel and catch live music at the Tote or The Night Cat.

7 Day Melbourne itinerary: Day 6

Here’s another ‘choose your own adventure’ option for your Melbourne itinerary.

On day 6, you’ll get to choose which Melbourne neighbourhood to head to, to experience life as a local.

If you plan well, you’ll probably be able to squeeze more than one in.

If you’re super keen, you could experience all three.

Things to do on day 6 of your Melbourne itinerary

Silo Art in Brunswick of then NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern embracing a Muslim woman in consolation, after the 2019 mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, painted by Loretta Lizzio.
There’s plenty of amazing and moving street art in Brunswick.

Go to Brunswick

Brunswick is an inner suburb, north of the city, known for its trendy, grungy vibe. Here are a few things you can do there.

Have a high tea at Mary Eats Cake

There are some fabulous places for High Tea in Melbourne and one such destination is Mary Eats Cake in Brunswick.

Their High Teas are held from 10am every weekend and they cater for dietary requirements.

Rows of colourful knitwear at Otto and Spike.
If you like brightly colour knitwear, you’ll love Otto and Spike.
Buy some gorgeous knitwear at Otto and Spike

Otto and Spike make their knitwear in Brunswick.

Their wares are top quality, very colourful and warm.

Their Melbourne tram socks in particular will make a great souvenir for you, or a present to bring home to a loved one.

Check out the local street art

Brunswick’s street art is pretty unique, so have a wander around and take it all in. There’s plenty to be found around Sydney Rd and Lygon Street.

Grab a drink where Beyonce has drunk

When in Australia in 2013, Beyonce travelled to Brunswick, to take a picture out the front of a random house, then grab a drink at the Retreat Hotel.

So, head to this pub on Sydney Road if you fancy doing as Bey once did.

Street art by Dvate of colourful parrots in Northcote.
Street art in Northcote.

Go to Northcote

Northcote is north of the city (as the name may suggest) and has a wide range of things to do, alongside some gorgeous urban art.

Check out All Nations Park

All Nations Park is a public space, built on an old landfill.

There’s children’s play equipment, a duck pond and plenty of public art to check out.

Exterior of Welcome to Thornbury in Thornbury, just north of Northcote.
Welcome to Thornbury, come for a drink and stay for awhile.
Have lunch at Welcome to Thornbury

Welcome to Thornbury is Melbourne’s leading beer garden, with food trucks, an indoor and outdoor drinking area and games arcade.

See live music at the Northcote Social Club

The Northcote Social Club is a pub and restaurant with live music seven days a week. See if anything strikes your fancy while you’re in the area!


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A colourful bird spotted through green leaves.
A New Holland Honeyeater in the Dandenongs.

7 Day Melbourne itinerary: Day 7

You’ll spend the last day of your Melbourne Itinerary seeing some of the surrounding sights of Melbourne and immersing yourself in spectacular nature.

Things to do on day 7 of your Melbourne itinerary

There are plenty of places in Victoria that you could travel to in a day trip from Melbourne, as it’s a pretty compact state.

I’m going to give you tips for two of the more popular ones – the Dandenong Ranges (referred to as simply “the Dandenongs”) and the Yarra Valley.

What to do at the Dandenong Ranges

The Dandenongs are around a 45-55 minutes drive from Melbourne’s CBD (dependent on traffic) and so are the best option if you don’t want to drive too far.

There are plenty of things to do in the Dandenongs. Here are some of the most best activities.

Strips of brightly coloured flowers, with people milling about.
Beautiful strips of flowers at Kabloom.

Check out a flower festival

Tesselaar Tulip Festival is held every spring, from mid-September to mid-October and if you’re into flowers and colours, it’s worth checking out.

The same venue holds a flower festival in April (our Autumn), known as Kabloom.

If you do go to see the flowers, please keep to the paths and don’t climb over the signs to go frolicking amongst the flowers, something they specifically ask not to do, just for likes on social media.

You’re better than that.

Look for native wildlife at the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens

Also known as the National Rhododendron Gardens are lovely any time of the year (I’ve visited in the dead of winter and still had a great time).

Watch out for lyrebirds – native Australian birds that can mimic the sounds around them.

They’re more likely to make an appearance during the warmer months.

You can also catch sight of other critters – plenty of birds and once I saw an echidna, waddling its way along the path.

Grab a cuppa at Olinda Tea House

It can get mighty cold up in the mountains and you’d be best to pop into a tea shop, to warm yourself up.

My favourite is the Olinda Tea house.

The setting is gorgeous, they have wonderful teas and very tasty custard buns!

Sunset view from Sky High Mt Dandenong.
The view from Mt Dandenong.

Watch the sunset from Sky High Mt Dandenong

If you’re after a vantage point from which to watch the sunset, head to Sky High.

Along with the view, there’s a café and restaurant, a maze, bush walks, gardens to explore and a possum tree!

There is an entry fee of $7 per car, but if you visit in August, on Monday through to Friday and show them this voucher, you’ll get in for free.

Take a ride on Puffing Billy

Steam train Puffing Billy has been rolling through the Dandenongs for over a century now, travelling over the rather iconic Monbulk Creek Trestle Bridge.

You can journey aboard the train, opt to book a lunch within the first class carriages or book onto the Steam and Cuisine luncheon.

You can even bring your dog onboard.

There’s even an annual Train Race, where runners compete against the steam train – although at its age, it’s probably not too hard to beat!

Exterior of the Grand Hotel in Healesville, Yarra Valley on a blue-sky day.
Yes, a very Grand Hotel in Healesville.

What to do in the Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is around an hour and twenty minutes from Melbourne’s CBD by car.

There are also plenty of day tours you can take from Melbourne to the Yarra Valley, if you don’t want to drive.

Giant chocolate bar outside the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie.
Yum, yum, yum!

Stuff yourself full at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

If you’re into sweets, the Chocolaterie is a must visit.

They sell delicious chocolate and ice cream, as well as chocolate scented products and have free samples for tasting. The Chocolaterie too offers up lovely views of the surrounding valley.

Drink wine

The main reason people tend to visit the Yarra Valley, is for the wine.

There are plenty of well-known wine producers operating out of this area, such as Rochford Wines, Oakridge Wines – even Chandon grows grapes out here.

If you’re self-driving to the Yarra Valley, I highly recommend keeping off the main drag of the Maroondah Highway and exploring the backstreets for smaller vineyards, who still make extraordinary wines and won’t charge you for tastings.

Wine not your thing?

Check out Four Pillars, a small distillery in the very picturesque town of Healesville.

Explore wine tour options for the Yarra Valley:


Feeding echidnas at the Healesville Sanctuary.
Feeding some spiky cuties at Healesville Sanctuary.

Visit Healesville Sanctuary

Healesville Sanctuary is one of Melbourne’s three main zoos.

The difference here is that this zoo focuses on the conservation of native Australian animals.

So, if you want to get your fill of kangaroos, echidnas, platypus, dingos and emus, you’d best head here.

The zoo offers up additional add-ons, where you can get up close to a friendly wombat or feed the echidnas some mushy dinner, great for kids big and small.

Take a hot air balloon over the valley

The Yarra Valley is undeniably beautiful and it sure is something to see it from the air.

Fortunately, there are opportunities to take hot air balloon rides over the valley, early in the morning – followed by a champagne breakfast, nonetheless!

Have dinner at Innocent Bystander

Innocent Bystander is a vineyard with a cellar door and restaurant in Healesville.

Their wines are delicious and they make a darn good pizza, to boot.

If you’re after a lighter option, I highly recommend the pies at the Beechworth Bakery right next door.

Hopefully now you have a good idea of how to spend a week in Melbourne.

It truly is a magnificent city that has something for everyone.

The worst thing about it, is you may never want to leave. I know the feeling well – it’s the reason I now live in Melbourne.

Here are some other things to do in the Yarra Valley and surrounds.

Two plates with crayfish on them at Attica in Melbourne.
A dish from renowned local restaurant Attica.

Where to eat in Melbourne

You can eat so very well in Melbourne. And the best thing is, you can choose to pay a lot, or very little.

While I’ve sprinkled suggestions for places to dine throughout this seven day Melbourne itinerary, here are some suggestions for different budgets:

  • Cheap: Grab a steaming bowl of ramen at Shujinko. There are a few venues around town, but my favourite is the one on Russell Street. If you’re in the mood for meat, Butchers Diner on Bourke Street has you covered – and is open 24hours to boot.
  • Mid-range: Hero at ACMI is an easy and convenient place to grab a meal, while you’re seeing the sights around town. Supernormal on Flinders Street is also a lot of fun. I recommend the lobster roll.
  • Splash out: Dine on delicious sushi at Kisumé or push the boat out at Aru. You can’t go past Attica, which has has accolade upon accolade heaped upon it. I have eaten here and it absolutely lives up to its hype. This is one you’ll have to book in advance and be prepared to pay top dollar; but it is indeed an experience.

Concluding your 7 Day Melbourne itinerary

View of Melbourne from the Maribyrnong River.
One last time, with feeling.

And that’s my 7 days in Melbourne itinerary done and dusted. There’s so much to see, do and eat in this fascinating city; you may find yourself wanting to spend yet another week uncovering its hidden gems.

Any thoughts you’d like to share on this Melbourne itinerary? I hope you’re feeling really inspired to visit and reading things from a local’s perspective has helped. Have a great time visiting Australia’s best city!

For more, check out my itineraries for other cities in Australia and around the world. And here are my top responsible travel tips.

Last tidbits of information

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Please note: All prices are in AUD.

Most of these experiences take place on the lands of the Wurundjeri and Bunurong Peoples of the Kulin Nation. We acknowledge them as Traditional Owners and pay our respects to their Elders, past and present.

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  1. I’ve been to Melbourne twice but for work, and both times I was too bloomin jetlagged to do anything in the apart from see Flinders Street and Fed Square 🙁 I did drag myself out of bed for a Phillip Island penguin parade tour the second time though, I’d do anything for those adorable little guys! The other thing I really wanted to do but didn’t manage was going to see Ramsay Street haha

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