Monthly Melbourne Musings: May 2018

Exploring Darby Street in Newcastle.

Whoops re publishing this musing almost halfway through the month of June! I’ve not been entirely sure as to whether I should keep going with these updates – they still take time to write and time is of essence these days.

Yet, I sort of think of this blog as an online record of my life and they’re fun to come back to and peruse from time to time. So hell, why not run on update on what happened during the month of May?

A surprise visit home

The best bit by far was flying home to Newcastle to surprise my Mama on Mother’s Day.

She had no idea that it was happening – the menfolk in my fam had done their part in keeping everything hush hush and I’d even managed to keep my big mouth shut for once (I’d previously planned a trip to Uluru for her birthday a few years ago, kept it secret for nine months, only to let it slip four days before we left. This is the issue when your mother is your best friend – it’s hard to keep mum on things).

I took a late flight home after work on the Saturday and my baby bro picked me up from the airport and drove me home. We got in at around 1030pm and managed to catch her just before she went to bed. It was a complete success and ended up being a wonderful present.

But wait – there’s more! The next day we went and enjoyed a lovely High Tea in town, at the High Tea Collective. I consider myself a HT connoisseur (feel like I’ve paid enough money to lay claim to this by now) and it was one of the top experiences I’ve had. Highly recommended if you’re in the Hunter Valley and need to celebrate an event, or are just in want of a fancy day out.

grayl water bottle

My new best travel friend.

Blog achievements

It feels like an achievement at the moment if I manage to publish a blog post a week – it’s such a struggle around work and life in general.

I was particularly stoked to finally get my review of the GRAYL water bottle out into the world (FLY MY PRETTY, FLY). I’d been working on this one for awhile and it was really lovely to partner with a company that wanted to give me ample time to trial their product. I really love it and think it’s a game changer in the traveller’s fight against plastic waste.

I’m still doing a lot of work behind the scenes – fixing up old posts and trying to make my site SEO-friendly. It’s a lot of effort! The biggest issue is probably navigation – the site is currently quite impossible to navigate through at the moment, which means I need to sit down, work out my destination page and recategorise all my posts. I’ve been putting this off for some time – can you believe it?!

Best reads of the month

I love reading female travel memoirs and was excited upon finding Schadenfreude, A Love Story at my local library. This book ended up being less of a travel memoir, more of a memoir of a life lived through a language.

Rebecca Schuman discovered Kafka thanks to an early relationship. Her adoration of the author sparks an ongoing love affair with the entire German language. She studies German at a university level due to a desire to read Kafka in the language he wrote in and spends portions of her life living in Germany.

She writes of her love affair (and continual confusion) with the German language with wit, stacks of self-deprecation and a fresh perspective. I found myself chuckling the whole way through.

I love the way Rebecca Solnit (Hey! This month’s writers have the same first name!) writes – with such thoughtful introspection. I am slowly working my way through all her books, as they’re such joys to read.

In The Mother of All Questions, she explores the modern feminist revolution. The title pertains to the question all women are asked at some point in their lives – whether or not they will mother a child, with the assumption that a life where you haven’t chosen to do so represents a life not fully lived. I.e, complete rubbish.

Sunny autumn afternoons in Melbourne.

What’s on for next month

An escape to the countryside! The fella and I will be journeying a couple of hours out of the city to spend the night on a farm in Victoria’s High Country. I can’t wait to hit the road, explore some country towns and breathe some fresh, fresh, possibly manure scented air.

Besides that, more explorations of the city. I recently wrote a post breaking down the best suburbs to stay in in Melbourne, so now my list of things to do in these places has been extended, haha.

I’m also hoping to start planning my next trip overseas at the end of the year. I was planning to go to New Zealand at long last, but now some old friends are getting married in India, so it looks like Goa is a goer. If you’ve got any tips on travel India, feel free to send them my way as I am the worst quarter Indian ever and know next to nothing about travelling there.

How was your May?

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Ashley - July 2, 2018

So exciting about Goa! If you’ll be hanging around Palolem Beach at all, let me know as I have a few rec’s for that area 🙂

    LC - July 19, 2018

    I will! I’m still working out whether it’s a thing I can do around work, but I’ll hit you up for sure if it happens!

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