Monthly Melbourne Musings: March 2018

Ogling some of Melbourne’s skyscrapers from the suburb of Carlton.

Well, here we are – already a quarter of the way into the year. I’m not complaining however, as Autumn is my favourite season to be in Australia.

Melbourne’s had some stellar weather of late – think sunny days sandwiched by cool mornings and evenings. The city’s certainly been putting on a show and it’s best to enjoy it, before the weather turns windy and wintery.

The Joy of Having a Routine

I started a new job in March and I’m really digging it. A lot a lot. It’s the first role I’ve had for years where there’s been a set working schedule. This means that I know what days I’m working generally every week and can form somewhat of a routine – going to the same yoga classes, meeting up with friend’s on a certain night, cleaning my house the same day of the week.

As such, I hardly know myself and am enjoying it all immensely. I also don’t have any trips planned, except for a vague idea of heading to New Zealand in October. Am sort of relieved to be honest – it’s nice to know that there’s an opportunity to save some cash and have some downtime ahead. I’m having fun doing things in Melbourne – exploring new suburbs, going to the movies a lot and other events, as well as eating at new restaurants.

Being quite needlessly immature at Cottesloe Beach in Perth.


I crossed off a pretty monumental travel goal this year, which I had been hoping to attend to before I entered my thirties – I can now say I’ve stepped foot in each capital city and every state in Australia! I’ve been to all the others at least twice (ACT and QLD more times than I can count) and have lived in two – but I’d never quite made it to Western Australia. To be fair, the distance is great and the expense can be mind-boggling, but still. I feel bad that it has taken this long for me to visit Perth (and surprised I made it to Darwin beforehand, too).

I love the capital cities in Australia for different reasons. People tend to rave on about Melbourne and/or Sydney and the others don’t really get the attention that they deserve. I’ve heard Perth be described as “boring”, but I completely disagree. I was lucky in that I had a local showing me the ropes the first time around and that’s probably why my experience was such a positive one.

Blog Achievements

Full discrepancy here – I struggled a bit with this blog in March. I could (and sometimes have) spend all day working on Birdgehls, but a girl’s gotta eat and pay her rent and at this point in time, this blog can’t do that for me.

I’m finding it hard to commit time to this blog around my working hours, mostly because the last thing I want to do after sitting in front of a computer all day, is spend more time with my face gazing into a screen. That and I have a lot of behind the scenes blog work mounting up. There’s a heck-tonne of old posts I’d like to breathe new life into, I’ve signed up for a bunch of guest posts and I have a stack of photos I need to edit. It’s a lot of work, when it’s just little old me running the blog.

So, I’ve decided to cut back on publishing new content for a little while. I try to get something out every Monday, but I don’t want to post just for the sake of it. I’m looking at aiming for once a fortnight atm and will evaluate how plausible that is in a few week’s time.

At least many of my updated old posts will read like new posts (am changing them from diary-like entires to actual guides), such as this guide to road tripping in Ireland. Although they won’t appear on the front page of the blog, you can keep an eye on my Facebook page for new content.

A gorgeous bookstore in Fremantle, Perth.

Best Reads of the Month

Snowblind is the first in a series called “Dark Iceland”, where a young cop hailing from Reykjavìk is sent to the northern Icelandic town of Siglufjörður, desperate to get any sort of posting after the 2008 financial crisis hits the small, island country.

Traditionally a town where nothing tends to happen, Siglufjörður soon becomes the Midsomer (as in the British TV show Midsomer Murders, where people routinely die horrible deaths in the fictional county of Midsomer) of Iceland, with deaths occurring and corruption starting to regularly occur in the town.

I personally have a possibly borderline unhealthy obsession with Nordic Noir and was delighted to find this series. I’m currently two books deep and hope to read all the novels that have been translated into English in the next few weeks.

Another thing I have a massive weakness for is female celebrity biographies, although I find good ones tend to be far and few between. So, I was skeptical when I picked up Anna Kendrick’s book Scrappy Little Nobody from my local library.

Turns out Kendrick is down to earth, incredibly funny and highly amusing. I tore through this book in an evening and found most of what she had to say extremely relatable. The book reads like having a conversation with a good friend. I kinda want to be best buds with her now, which isn’t creepy at all – right?!

What’s on for Next Month

A weekend in regional Victoria with some lovely local blogging ladies and a whole lot of work. I’m also hoping to catch the Triennial Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria before it closes, although it’ll have to be early to avoid the crowds!

The Comedy Festival has hit Melbourne and I’m hoping to make it to a few shows. If I hit four, I’ll be happy – that’s one more than last year, yay!

Did you have a pleasant March?

Posted by LC
April 7, 2018

LC can often be found nursing a cup of green tea, with her head in a book. She is a writer, video editor and professional cheese eater. Her life's aspiration is to one day live on a farm in Tasmania with 11 dogs, a Shetland pony and several pygmy goats.

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Rosie - April 7, 2018

I wish I could say the same of Cambridge on the weather front, but sadly it’s been pretty grey here over the last week or so! Luckily, I escaped for the latter half of March and had a couple of weeks in the sunshine (I suspect that’s the longest amount of annual leave I’ll be taking in one go until Christmas!). I also find that sitting down and blogging after spending a whole day sat in front of a screen for work isn’t that high up on my priority list these days. I’ve cut down to one post a week, as fitting any more than that around a 9-5 job (and having a life outside of that) became something of a challenge!

    LC - April 12, 2018

    Aw, I hope it gets spring-y soon. As much as I love autumn in Oz, I find myself thinking wistfully of the blossoms blooming in London around this time of the year! I’m glad you got some Vit D’s going on. And yeah, I just spent three hours on my computer after a full day at work (had a bit too much fun this weekend and did no blogging!) and I’m feeling it in my back. Ouch! It’s important to have a life!

Kati - April 11, 2018

Haha, I totally get the ‘last thing I want to do at the end of the day is sit some more in front of a computer’! I’m usually way too tired to even think about doing anything constructively during the week…

Is that Iceland murder mystery more like an Agatha Christie murder mystery or more like a thriller murder mystery? I don’t read thrillers but I love a good murder mystery Poirot-style (or even… crikey, what’s the Swedish detective character?!! Totally escaped me now… x( ). As long as it’s not too much suspense and gore, I’m in. 😀

Enjoy your weekend away! 🙂

    LC - April 12, 2018

    It’s a crime fiction thriller! Or thrillers I guess, being a series. Just read a really great Irish one as well – The Rúin. Kept seeing it in bookstores everywhere and glad I got my paws on a copy. Not gorey at all either.

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to it. Hope there will be some beautiful autumnal colours.

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