Life, Lately and Upcoming Travel Plans

Pizza, anyone? Fitzroy in Melbourne.

I’ve been blogging on Birdgehls for almost four years now and recently did something I’ve not actually done in all this time – I took a break.

Not a complete break – I’ve published one post in the last five weeks. But I’ve barely spent any time on this blog. I haven’t been fretting over Pinterest, I’ve barely been on Facebook and I’ve deleted Instagram for the second time in the last year, probably for good this time.

And I have to say… I feel pretty bloody fantastic.

This blog is far from being a full-time gig for me – I have one of those already and I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. But my current contract is also quite exhausting – the workload is huge and it requires an expanse of creativity to get the job done.

Creative people will know it’s not like a tap you can just turn on. I find it hard enough to keep the juices flowing at work (that doesn’t sound at all right, but hopefully you know what I mean). By the time I get home, the last thing I feel like doing is spending more time in front of a computer.

Something had to give and it wasn’t going to be work, yoga, sleep or reading. That left writing and this blog.

The break’s been good, in that I’ve had moments to actually think about the direction of Birdgehls. I was getting a bit obsessed with numbers at the start of the year – which were remaining static, despite all the efforts I was pouring into Pinterest and SEO. Typically, after taking a break my numbers are rising, which is just serving to show how useless worrying about them was.

I’m not quite ready to come back to blogging full time – I still have a month of my work contract left and I really don’t fancy forcing myself to burn out over this period of time. That being said, there are recent stories that I still wish to tell – particularly involving Melbourne.

The city opened its doors recent during an “Open House Melbourne” event, which I tried to make the most of. I’ve explored new suburbs and there’s been a few events happening that deserve to be put into prose.

Moody Melbourne.

As for upcoming travel plans, I have two destinations planned for the tail end of this year.

In October, I’ll be hot footing it to New Zealand for the first time in well, ever. I’m particularly excited about this trip – my interest in our (Australia’s) southern neighbour has only grown in the last couple of years and in visiting I’ll be successfully ticking off the three travel goals I made upon returning to Australia – venturing to Southeast Asia for the first time alongside visiting every state and territory.

It’s nice to know that by November I’ll be able to say “done and done and done”.

Speaking of November, the destination weddings are in full swing and I’ll be travelling to attend one in Goa, India. I’m part Indian (a smidge, really), but it’ll be my first visit to the country of my forefathers and mothers and I’m quietly excited about experiencing it in the flesh.

Recommendations for both countries are very welcome!

So, that’s where things stand at the moment. I’m hoping to be back in late September/early October with a heck-tonne of new content. Yet, it’s been really nice to take a step back and re-evaluate what is of most importance in life. And I don’t feel sad that the blog didn’t quite make the cut. It’s strangely empowering in its own way.

But, that’s a post for another day.

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  1. Hey LC! I get you completely! I actually stopped posting on social media for two full months and only returned a few days ago. Instagram was the main reason to take a vacation for a while.

    Sometimes you just need a break to feel like you are doing what you are doing because you love it, not because you have to. I also felt fantastic during the break and it took some effort and convincing myself to get back. Enjoy your break!

    1. Instagram does offer an opportunity to take a break! I am enjoying mine thanks, slowly feeling pumped to make a return. Glad you enjoyed yours (and got back to it!).

  2. I LOVE THIS <3 Not that I haven't seen much of you online (obviously!) but the fact that you took a nice little break from this crazy world of blogging. It gets overwhelming at times. And I love that you deleted Instagram, hehe. I can see how it can become a time-wasting rabbit hole for lots of people, but I don't understand how people can spend their lives on there, literally – posting numerous times a day, even in a week, trying to keep up. When travelling they are thinking what caption to use after they've had to think what photo they want to upload, rather than being in the moment. How exhausting. I can't remember the last time I uploaded to Instagram, I barely even think about it! It's nice to step away from the wifi and remember to enjoy just BEING, and I so glad you have been doing that. I hope you are feeling super refreshed and re-energized. In saying that, I'm really looking forward to hearing all about your trips to NZ and India! 😀

    1. Haha too right lovely lady – bloody Instagram! I enjoyed my break at the beginning of the year from it so ery much, it makes sense to make it permanent. And yeah, it is so nice to just step away and enjoy life for what it is – each precious moment! And thanks – I’m looking forward to writing them (almost as much as being on them, hehe).

    1. Thanks Nat! I’m really looking forward to them. We’re going to the North Island… I’d LOVE to see the South, but time is of essence and it feels like it deserves a longer trip. Have you been?

  3. So just as I make my triumphant return from a very much not planned break from blogging and reading blogs and commenting on blogs and basically all things Internet, you’re continuing yours! But it’s cool because, ya know, I’ll see you in October riiiight? 😉 So excited that you’re a) coming to NZ and b) going to Goa! Which part are you heading to? If you like Indian food (I think you do – you’re gonna be in a bit of a pickle if you don’t) there’s this really nice restaurant I can recommend that actual local people go to, and not just sunburnt Westerners, depending which part you’ll be in. They do a heck of a good thali.

    1. Yes! We should definitely make each other’s acquaintance. I hope you’re settling in well.

      The wedding is near Benaulim I think, so will probably stay there even though it’s supposed to be super touristy. I do like Indian food to some degree, as long as it’s not too spicy because I just can’t hack anything hot. Although I think Australia’s version of Indian is pretty poor, I definitely preferred what I ate in the UK. I’ll hit you up for recoms soon 🙂

  4. I feel you on the whole screens thing – I took a week off grid back in July, and came back from it with a renewed sense of not wanting to spend more time in front of screens than necessary. Your mention of Open House reminded me to check out this year’s programme for Open House London… these events always seem to come round faster than expected! Have an awesome trip to NZ – I’m super envious and looking forward to reading about your adventures there 🙂

    1. Oh, that’s so soon! Got plans to see any buildings in particular? Haha I am counting down the days until that trip… so excited to go, which is not something I ever envisioned feeling about NZ when I was younger!

  5. I feel you on the whole day-job-sucking-all-your-creativity thing! As much as I want to blog lately, I am desperate to get away from the computer at the end of my workday. Still trying to find some sort of balance! Enjoy NZ and Goa – looking forward to reading about your experiences.

    1. It’s so hard to draw a line between what the mind wants and the body needs! Thanks Ashley, looking forward to writing about them (although admittedly even more so to living them!).

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