Have Fresh Milk Delivered to Your Front Door in London

Fresh milk delivered to your front door in London, in reusable bottles to boot!

What pops into your head when you think of England? Probably red post and telephone boxes. Possibly Westminster and the London Eye. Maybe quaint country cottages and hills of rolling green. Definitely afternoon tea and the royal family.

I would picture all of this when my thoughts strayed to the mother country and something more – glass bottles of fresh milk delivered straight to citizen’s front doors.

This is a practice that has died somewhat in London, due to the proliferation of late night convenience stores and Metro Tescos that have popped up all over the city. I figured milk was something that I’d have to give up when I embarked upon my mission to eliminate all unnecessary plastics from my daily life.

It wasn’t so much of a sacrifice for myself – cow juice is for baby cows, which I am not and I’ve been substituting with rice and almond milk for years. It was however, a problem for my British boyfriend, who drinks two beverages by the pint: beer and milk.

He valiantly agreed to support me in my efforts, but that would mean that he would have to give up one of his two passions in life. I didn’t want to be responsible for depriving him of his treat, so I started to search online for a solution.

The answer to most of life’s problems can be found on the Internet and it was indeed here that I stumbled upon a solution – a company called Milk&More, who offer free delivery of a range of products… including whole milk delivered in glass bottles.


I was a bit bummed to find out they didn’t deliver in our borough. However, a few weeks later I received an email telling me they’d be delighted to add our area to their delivery route. I eagerly signed up.

We’re in the early stages of trialling out this system, having used it for two weeks now. The process is pretty simple. You place an order before 9pm the day before, to have it brought to your front door in the morning.

From there you retrieve the bottles, place the milk bottles in your fridge, wait the designated two hours for your boyfriend to drink them dry, rinse them out and put them back out the front for the milkman to pick up on his next run. Pretty simple stuff.

So how about that? Fresh milk delivered to your front door in London, in reusable bottles to boot! It’s small victories like this that make me think this plastic free mission might actually be possible to pull off. Slowly but surely, we’re getting there.


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Found it! - March 11, 2016

And somehow it tastes better too!

    LC - March 11, 2016

    Mmmmm creamy!

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