Relax: Things to Do in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs

Welcome to Spa Country! This area of regional Victoria is a delicious destination for a bit of rest and relaxation. Here are some things to do in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, whether you’re away on a group trip or a fun couples weekend.

things to do in daylesford

Autumn colours during golden hour in Daylesford, Victoria.

If you’re Melbourne-based (or visiting) and you quite fancy leaving the city, a Daylesford weekend away may just be the answer your soul is searching for.

Particularly if you’re all coupled up, or looking to relax with a group of girlfriends, with some wine, gossip, or general R&R.

The towns of Daylesford and Hepburn Springs are a short drive away from Melbourne (around 1 hour, 30 minutes), making them a perfect weekend escape from the city.

daylesford weekend away

You’ll see lots of cool buildings like this pub.

daylesford weekend away

Strolling around Daylesford.

If you’re going to go to Daylesford or Hepburn Springs at any time, it should be in the autumn (March-May).

It makes for a lovely break. The weather is warm, the autumn colours are in full bloom.

You can have a marvellous time eating food, drinking wine, taking photos, relaxing and exploring the area.

However, spring is really nice as well. Plus, the middle of winter is not an awful time to soak in spas!

Here are some things to do in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, during your visit to the region.

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hepburn springs

Walking along the main street of Hepburn Springs.

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Things to do in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs

inside hepburn bathhouse

A first look at Hepburn Bathhouse.

hepburn bathhouse brittany

Brittany soaking up some Vit D’s after exiting the Sanctuary.

Have a soak at the Hepburn Bathhouse

It’s worth making the trip out to this region for the Hepburn Bathhouse alone. It’s certainly one of my favourite things to do in Hepburn Springs.

Hepburn Springs is home to the only mineral spring bathing experience in Australia, making it a must for spa lovers visiting Victoria.

There have been facilities on this site since 1895 – obviously they’ve been refurbished since then!

General Bathing

The spa comprises of two sections.

General bathing is available in the two mineral pools within The Bathhouse, which can be accessed for between $37-$47 dollars (for an adult), depending on the time and day.

the sanctuary hepburn bathhouse

Inside The Sanctuary.

robes hepburn bathhouse

Somewhere to hang your robe while you take a wee dip.

the sanctury hepburn bathhouse

Immerse yourself in the coldest pool in The Sanctuary – not for the faint hearted.

The Sanctuary

For an upgraded luxury experience, you can book into The Sanctuary, for $79-$99 per adult.

There are several more pools (and steam rooms) inside this area, my favourite of which was the Salt and Magnesium Pool.

It’s fun to drift in, while you have a yarn with a friend.

You will probably also enjoy the Outdoor Creekside Bathing area. No one will argue that there’s something quite nice and tranquil about staring out at nature whilst relaxing in a 36 degree celsius tub of water.

bathhouse hepburn spring entrance

The entrance to the Bathhouse is just as lovely as the interior.

Entry price gets you access to the pools for a period of two hours.

If you have upgraded, you’ll be provided with a towel, robe and locker for the duration of your time within The Sanctuary.

The Bathhouse has a range of wellness treatments on offer, if you’re looking for some extra pampering during your weekend in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs.

Do make sure you walk further along carpark, from the entrance of the Bathhouse. You’ll find a tap where you can fill a bottle up with mineral spring water – straight from the source!

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daylesford weekend away

Fun fact: Daylesford is the LGBTQIA+ capital of Victoria.

Stroll through Daylesford

Wondering what to do in Daylesford itself?

Spread the tourist dollar around by shopping your way through Daylesford’s rather eclectic collection of boutique and antique shops and bookstores.

If you adore clothing and other stuff made out of Alpaca wool and think jumpers made out of this material feel like wearing a cloud (guilty), head to Alpaca Passion although be warned – you’ll never feel the same way about sheep’s wool again.

Manteau Noir and Eclectic Notions are both delightful to have a rummage through as far as vintage and local goods go.

And there are plenty of secondhand bookstores and antique shops to browse in for extended periods of time.

daylesford town centre

If you love shopping for antiques, then you’ll love Daylesford.

daylesford paradise bookshop

BRB, just going to go get lost in here forever.

As far as food on the run goes, I nabbed an early-morning, very delicious ham and cheese croissant from Daylesford Bakery.

I also have it on good authority that the coffee from Larder is worth a sip (don’t drink the stuff myself, sadly).

general store hepburn springs

The very cool General Store in Hepburn Springs.

And explore Hepburn Springs

It’s well worth having a poke around Hepburn Springs, too.

It’s much smaller than Daylesford, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in… well, cuteness.

The General Store is well-worth checking out, if not to just admire its vintage façade.

daylesford weekend away

Outside Frankie and Connie’s in Hepburn Springs.


Cheeky beggar.

If you’re after a meal or light snack after soaking in the spa, Hepburn Springs has you covered.

There are a few delightful cafes and restaurants in the area, noteably Blue Bean Love and the very cute Frank and Connie’s.

Check out Portal 108 while you’re there too, for some boutique clothes and goods. I could have spent a lot of money there.

lavandula shepherds flat

One of the older buildings at Lavandula.

lavandula shepherds flat

Feeding a new friend, Mirella.

Poke around Lavandula

Located around a five minute and quite scenic drive from Hepburn Springs, is Lavandula Lavender Farm.

This Swiss-Italian farm has been around since the 1850s – you can tour the old farmhouse from this era, that’s still standing in great condition, today.

lavandula shepherds flat

An intact bedroom at the farm at Lavandula.

There’s a wonderful cafe selling woodfire pizza and all sorts of treats, including lavender scones.

As a working farm, there’s also animals everywhere, some of which are quite happy and willing to amble over for a pat. I was most amused to see emus housed in a paddock with a highland cow, sheep and alpacas – how multicultural can you get?

The lavender is best scene from November, over the summer, but it’s a pleasant place to visit anytime of the year.

I highly advise getting there early, around 10.30 when the place opens. It can get quite crowded, otherwise!

daylesford weekend away

Rustic goodness at the Daylesford Cider Co.

things to do in daylesford cider co

Takeaway ciders in the sunshine. Lovely.

Laze away the afternoon at the Daylesford Cider Co

I can’t think of many activities that bring more pleasure than spending a lazy Sunday afternoon sipping cider in the (very) warm autumn sun.

This is just what we did at the Daylesford Cider Co, located an easy 3 kilometres out of the town centre.

There’s plenty of grass around to spread yourself out upon if the weather’s fine.

If not, the very cosy tavern will provide you with warmth and ambience in equal amounts.

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daylesford cider co pizza

Straight out of the wood-fire oven.

daylesford cider tasting paddles

The cider tasting paddles. Yum.

If you’re fretting at the thought of not being able to sample all the delicious sounding drinks on the menu – well, don’t worry because you definitely can.

$15 will provide you with a tasting paddle featuring the farm’s ciders, made from their English-heritage listed apples grown organically in the region.

Pair this up with delicious pizza fresh from the wood-fire oven and some live entertainment to boot.

And if the weather is looking to be a-ok – don’t forget to pack your picnic blanket!

Eat all the food during your Daylesford weekend away

blue bean cafe hepburn springs

Decor in the very picturesque Blue Bean Love in Hepburn Springs.

Let’s make a unanimous decision to stay on the subject of food, as this particular part of Victoria has a lot to offer.

If you’re looking for somewhere to dine in Daylesford, Koula is where you want to head.

I now daydream regularly about their pumpkin gnocchi and the cafe is as funky on the interior as it is on the exterior.

wombat hill cafe things to do in daylesford

Inside the Wombat Hill Cafe.

outside wombat hill cafe daylesford

Outside ain’t bad either.

A personal favourite is the Wombat Hill Cafe, with a beautiful indoor and outdoor setting.

The food is great and if you fancy, you can purchase a stuffed toy wombat to take home as a keepsake.

I may have done just that. His name is Dayle.

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inside cliffys

Inside Cliffys. I could spend a lot of money here.

farmers arms exterior

The Farmers Arms, a gastropub in Daylesford.

Cliffy’s Emporium is quite popular for lunch and equally as fun to poke around in.

Many head to the Farmers Arms for dinner, but I found the food to be a bit underwhelming, for the price. The decor inside is quite lovely, however.

daylesford weekend away

Tonic provided by the Cocktail Co.

cocktail co gin

Among others.

On making a proper girl’s weekend out of it

If you’re wondering what to do in Daylesford as part of a group, I can help you out.

My first trip to Daylesford and Hepburn Springs had been as a part of a female travel blogger’s “girls weekend”.

Although Daylesford is a party town in its own right, we chose to head back to our respective rooms for some delicious wine from the Adelaide Hills and have ourselves a cocktail tasting, courtesy of Cocktail Co.

moxie box

Moxie Boxes, wine and personally addressed baked goods.

daylesford weekend away

It’s always wine time in Daylesford.

We received a box full of tonics, cards of information on said tonics and one giant bottle of gin to mix the bottles with.

Chuck in a few friends and some glasses for sipping out of and you’re good to go.

autumn hepburn springs

Should you stay in Hepburn Springs?

daylesford weekend away

Maybe it would be best to stay in Daylesford forever.

Where to Stay in Daylesford

As a group, we spent the night in a family room at Central Springs Inn. Click here for current prices and availability.
For couples, I thoroughly recommend Old Chilli B&B. Beautiful rooms, an amazing breakfast and there’s alpacas and a friendly dog called Archie! Not to mention a giant bathtub to relax in.
Alternatively, you can search other options for Daylesford accommodation or
places to stay in Hepburn Springs if you fancy being closer to the Bathhouse.
If you’re up for something particularly fancy, consider staying at Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel, where you’ll be utterly pampered.

daylesford weekend away

More Autumn colours, outside the Hepburn Bathhouse.

When to Visit

Anytime is good really, but I was blown away by the abundance of autumnal colours when we went in late April.

I imagine spring would be just as pretty.

However, Spa Country makes an excellent destination, whatever the time of year – rain, hail and shine.

So long as you’re committed to unwinding and relaxing, with plenty of good food and bevvies onside, you’re in for a lovely time.

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