Monthly Melbourne Musings: April 2018

Autumn in Hepburn Springs, country Victoria.

April is generally a lot of fun in Melbourne, as the Comedy Festival is on! I got to see a few shows (seven to be exact, up from a grand total of three from last year) of different varieties.

All were good but some of course, were better than others.

Throw a girl’s weekend away to the nearby town of Daylesford into the mix and you’ve got yourself a very good month indeed.

Autumn colours

I love this time of the year so, so much. And while it hasn’t exactly been cooling down just yet in Melbourne (it’s been almost thirty some days. In April. Sure, global warming is definitely not a thing), at least all the autumn colours are coming out. Beautiful yellows, oranges and reds. It makes my heart so happy.

The natural course of action is to take a million and one photographs of the changing colours. I’m doing my best, that I promise you.

Enjoying a glass of vino in Daylesford.


I was super excited to get away to the regional town of Daylesford in Victoria’s north-west for a weekend, with some other fabulous female travel bloggers.

The town and region are really beautiful, particularly at this time of the year, due to the aforementioned autumn colours. Wow.

I haven’t lived in the same place as my closest female friends since I was at University and sometimes I do really miss having a big group of women around. So it was really nice to kick back, drink wine and eat loads of delicious food with some lovely ladies whose interests aligned with my own.

A definite highlight was visiting the Hepburn Bath House in Hepburn Springs. I wish I could start every Sunday with a dip in these pools. I’d also be happy with having a bathtub in my flat. Sigh.

I’ll be publishing a post on Daylesford sometime in May. Luckily Jean and Jayne have already written about the experience. You should read their articles if you want a wee bit of Victorian regional inspiration. Go on.

Blog achievments

I’m still doing a lot of behind the scenes work on Birdgehls, which truth be told, will probably take awhile. Running a blog whilst also working full-time and trying to have both a social life and adequate alone time is no easy feat.

I’m slowly getting through a backlog of posts which need to be re-optimised, which means that publishing new content has had to take a backseat.

However, it’s made my general workload a lot more manageable and thank goodness for that.

I’m also trialling having ads on the site. It was not something I wanted to do for a long while, but I do actually think they make a website look more professional. Plus it’s pretty hard to say no to a little bit of extra income. A girl’s gotta eat and pay her rent, after all.

I could spend a lot of time in this cafe.

Best reads of the month

It’s getting harder and harder to narrow down just two top books each month. Most of what I’ve read this year has been staggeringly good.

I’ve read quite a few good crime fiction/detective novels of late, which is delightful as it is my favourite genre. The Ruin by Irish writer Dervla McTiernan is a particular standout.

It’s the first in a series centered on detective Cormac Reilly, who has recently relocated to Galway on Ireland’s west coast from Dublin. In this first book Reilly revisits a case that has haunted him for decades, when a young man is found drowned in the River Corrib.

The guilty party became apparent a couple of chapters before the reveal, but the book is so well-written that I didn’t really care.

The Woman Who Fooled The World is a book which I suspect will stay with me for sometime. Written by the journalists that originally outed her, the book covers the rise and demise of Belle Gibson. A bit of backstory for those who may not know much about Gibson – several years ago she became “Insta-famous” for reportedly having kept her terminal cancers at bay through the power of clean eating and positive thinking. Problem is – Belle has never actually had cancer.

Gibson was responsible for influencing goodness knows how many cancer sufferers to bypass conventional medical treatment for alternative therapies. She also claimed to be fundraising for charities who never saw a single dollar donated on behalf of her company, The Whole Pantry.

Truth be told, after reading about the full extent of Gibson’s lies and deceits, the fact that she is not behind bars boggles my mind. Consumer Affairs Victoria did bring action against her and she was fined $410,000 AUD for her false claims about her donations to charity. According to her Wikipedia page, as of March 2018 she was yet to pay them.

What’s on for next month

May is already looking like a pretty rad month. The two things I’m most looking forward to is a concert for one of my favourite Australian bands, a high tea (which is essentially my favourite thing in the world), a bee keeping class and a meal at Attica – one of the best restaurants in Australia. I’ll have to do some serious budgeting for it, but I’m sure it will be worth every cent.

Did you have a good April?

Posted by LC
May 5, 2018

LC can often be found nursing a cup of green tea, with her head in a book. She is a writer, video editor and professional cheese eater. Her life's aspiration is to one day live on a farm in Tasmania with 11 dogs, a Shetland pony and several pygmy goats.

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Kati - May 9, 2018

I’ve tons of good about the Belle Gibson book so it’s shot up in my never-ending to-read pile! Staggering to think how you can earn money these days but even more staggering is the fact that she was able to get away with it for so long. Makes you wonder how she ticks…

Haven’t been to Daylesford in a few years, last time I was there was with mum and we splurged on some fancy place in Hepburn Springs. Gorgeous sauna, baths, food and autumn colours – such a beautiful place. Looking forward to your post on Daylesford!

    LC - May 16, 2018

    I just can’t believe she’s wandering around Melbourne still and not behind bars! Cancer lies aside… she committed fraud with her charity claims. Madness. It’s such a good read, though hard to digest.
    I’ll try and get it out ASAP!

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