Medic Alert

Write Your Own Adventure

I have allergies. Of the life-threatening sort. Not like hay fever or food intolerances or skin rashes (although I do appreciate how frustrating and painful they can be). Nope, my allergies are of the anaphylactic variety. Sometimes this includes a tingling of the lips, an itchiness near the wrists or a loss of sensation on […]

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Learning to Love Berlin

Berlin… Where old meets new. I try really, really hard to keep an open mind when travelling. This is easier said than done. It is exceedingly difficult to avoid getting over-excited about visiting new places and even more so not to develop an aversion to destinations that might not have quite met your expectations. For […]

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San Francisco Strip-Tease

In 2013, I turned 24. I didn’t want to spend yet another birthday at work, so I decided to go to San Francisco instead. You see, I was well into adulthood and I could do whatever I wished. I love being an adult. Despite riding a bike on average probably about once a year, if […]

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Père Lachaise Cemetery, Where I Almost Lost My Mind

The first thing you have to accept when you begin travelling is the fact that somewhere along the line, something weird and/or upsetting is going to happen to you. You will experience heightened highs, but there will also be moments that will leave you completely and utterly emotionally scarred and at times, fearing for your […]

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You Ain’t Gotta Friend in Me

I was twenty years old the first time I ever left my country. I had developed an interest in travelling at a young age, but it wasn’t until I finished University that I was able to allocate the time and funds required to hot foot it out of Australia. Bumbag and ugh boots. Evidence that […]

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Stuck in a Rut? Maybe I Can Help.

I feel like I’m stating the obvious when I say most people will find themselves stuck in a rut at some point in their adult life. Maybe you’re job hunting, or feeling a little bit creatively challenged. Perhaps you’ve completely unhinged your entire life as you once knew it, you long to have some sense […]

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If Found On Ground, Drag Over Finish Line

Pace Yourself

The real reason that I began running, at age seven, is because my father did. Both my parents are incredibly sporty. They filled my childhood and that of my siblings’ with wonderful bushwalks, tennis camps, swimming lessons, rowing, netball & basketball. They also, poor things, attended every single soccer match & ballet recital that my […]

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