What I Learned at Zürich Airport

As a twenty-five year old, I have spent almost two thirds of my life attending educational institutions. I often marvel at how little what I learned in the classroom can be applied to my adult life. Off the top of my head, things that I personally would have benefitted from learning during my education include: […]

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Snap Happy – Travelling With Cameras

One of the hardest decisions I find myself facing when packing for a trip, is deciding which camera I want to take with me. I have seven cameras and admittedly, a problem. Two are sensible. One technically belongs to a friend. Three of them are incredibly hipster, to the point where I’m starting to feel […]

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Empire State Building

On Looking Up

When I first moved to the city that never sleeps, a friend of a friend said to me ‘You’ll know you’re a true New Yorker when you stop looking up at all the buildings and just get on with your day.’ These words impressed me. When I travel, I’m always smugly pleased with myself when […]

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Get Your Yoga On

Just over a fortnight ago, I did something uncharacteristic: I committed to a month of ninety minute yoga classes. That’s right. THIRTY days of NINETY minutes of YOGA. Given that I already had quite enough (one might say more than enough) to fill my time, this decision might legitimately be seen as the act of […]

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Why Day-Dreaming Can be Dangerous

If you grew up during the 1990s, you might be aware of a children’s show known as The Animals of Farthing Wood. Far from being all about cuddly creatures happily co-existing in the wilderness together, this was more like the animated, G rated 90s equivalent of Game of Thrones. I remember many an episode ending […]

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Give Sleep a Chance

Sometimes when I am sitting on the train into the city, I covertly stare at the faces of my fellow commuters, mainly because I am a bit of a creep. The one thing I notice, time and time again, is just how tired everyone looks. This in equal parts concerns me and also makes me […]

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If You Want to Go to Iceland, Then Go to Iceland

Imagine having an idea in your head, that you are excited about. Alas, you are not able to implement said idea for a long period of time, due to financial or logistical restraints, work commitments… whatever the issue may be. The idea grows and grows and the expectation with it. Soon, the whole thing has […]

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