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The Best Reads of 2016

It’s that time of the year again… where I’m left staring at the pile of books I’ve accumulated over the year and wondering: A. Where on earth I’m going to put them all. B. Why I can’t just join a library. Hrmmm. Anyway, I set myself a goal on Goodreads to read 55 books this […]

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What I Read While I Was On Holiday

I enjoyed writing my 2015 end of year book review so much that I was itching to write another. The problem was, I had to power through quite a few more reads before I could find myself in a position where this was possible. Then I went on holiday and read a stack books while […]

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Big Magic

Big Magic – What a Book to Start the Year On

You can only hope the year is going to be a good one when you start it off with a book like Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear. Yep. You read right. Elizabeth Gilbert, the same author of Eat, Pray, Love. Which – in the interest of full disclosure – I’ve never […]

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I Read a Lot of Books this Year. Here’s Some of the Best

An unfortunate side effect of moving overseas is the inevitable dip in your social life. The hours in Sydney that would normally have been spent stuffing myself full of sushi with friends, pumping dat iron at the gym and seeing my third movie for the week, were in London filled with work, writing and books. […]

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