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What I’ve Been Most Grateful For This Year

2016 has been an odd year. Sometimes I think of world events and honestly, the phrase “What the actual f—” just circles around my head. I can’t believe Trump will be president of the USA next year. That Britain would so viciously cut its nose off to spite its face. Or that bloody Pauline Hanson […]

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Two Years Blogging – A Retrospective

Is blogging dead? It’s the question that’s on the lips (or fingertips) of everyone who spends a considerable amount of time in the online world. And it’s a sad fact that many of my favourite bloggers rarely post anymore. They’ve taken to Instagram or Snapchat to tell their stories. Their vlogs have taken off. Or […]

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How Personal Should You Get on a Blog?

This year’s been a weird one, as far as blogging goes. Birdgehls has been live in some kind of form, for almost two years now. I’ve got a million and one ideas for articles. My head is full of stories and my hard drive, full of photos. I’ve tentatively started a YouTube channel and I […]

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Yayoi Kusama and the Fear of Missing Out

What I love the most about art is how subjective it is. What one person may think is complete and utter crap, another may see as having some deeper meaning or beauty. I’ve been to enough art galleries and museums around the world to know where my preference lies. Pretty much all photography, followed by […]

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