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How Safe is it for Women to Travel to Doha, Qatar?

If you’ve been with this blog from the very beginning (all three of you!) you’ll know that I lived in Doha, Qatar for three months in 2014. If you’re just tuning in – hello! I’m an ex-expat who has lived in London and Doha. They’re two very different places, that’s for sure. When I mention […]

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Glamping in the Qatari Desert

While I will admit to having a penchant for punk music while growing up, I was fortunate enough to be largely influenced by my parent’s taste in music. I no longer listen to Good Charlotte, but the likes of bands such as America, Abba and Simon and Garfunkle still regularly find places within various Spotify […]

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15 Things That Happen When You

15 Things That Happen When You Move to Doha

I felt a lot of mixed emotions after my move to Doha. If you’re desert-bound yourself, here’s some of the stranger things you can expect to happen to you. 1. Your concept of heat changes entirely As an Australian, I prided myself on my ability to handle heat. Then I moved to Doha in the […]

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A Night in the Qatari Desert

“What is there to do here?” I asked my new work colleague. I had been in Doha, Qatar for a total of two days. He scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Absolutely nothing,” he stated. “This is the most boring city in the world.” Days later, I realised he was not completely off the mark. For […]

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