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Oslo – The Silent City

The first thing that struck me about Oslo was just how quiet it was. Walking down a street in the centre of the city and passing maybe two people. Being part of a crowd of five in a café. Navigating Oslo’s Zoological Museum and not seeing a single child. Walking through a park in sunset […]

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The Importance of Life’s Little Luxuries

Sometimes when travelling, you just need to slow down the pace. After a pretty full-on week at Airwaves, I was looking forward to enjoying some of life’s little luxuries in Budapest. I recently wrote about the need to find that perfect travel style. It was in Budapest that I realised a few home truths. That […]

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A Little Bit of Love for Reykjavík

I’ve been to Iceland three times now (addiction isn’t always a terrible thing) and I don’t doubt there will be more trips to the land of ice and fire in my future. I see plenty of blog posts about this fantastic country and to be honest, sometimes it feels like I’m just reading the same […]

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