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Chasing Ghosts at Maitland Gaol, Australia

“It was here in the C-Wing that notorious prisoners Ivan Milat and George Savvas plotted to escape in 1997. Their attempt was thwarted and the two, separated. George Savvas was found dead, twenty four hours after what would have been the day of their escape… in the very cell you stand in now.” . .. […]

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12,300 Steps Around Uluru

It really boggles my mind that people travel all the way out to the red centre of Australia in order to climb Uluru. Not only is it incredibly offensive to the Indigenous population of Australia and incredibly dangerous… it’s a waste of time. There are so many other ways to experience Uluru, without putting yourself […]

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The Best Ways to Experience Uluru

Uluru is not a cheap place to visit. You pay big bucks for everything at Ayers Rock Resort – from flights, to accommodation, food… even entry to the park is a bit on the exy side. That being said, I can understand why many visitors want to make the most of their trip to Central […]

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